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Product name:ABB Style Miniature Circuit Breakers

All compact Home devices comply to European and international standards:
IEC/EN 61008 (RCCBs)
IEC/EN 61009 (RCBOs)
IEC/EN 60898 (MCBs)
IEC/EN 60947-3 (Switches)
They are also conforming to the following EC derectives:
Low Voltage Directives No.: 73/23 EEC
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives No.: 89/336 EEC and 92/31 EEC
CE marking of Compact Home devices warrants free circulation and sale in European Union.
ABB style Miniature Circuit Breakers with resin type are used in both residential and commercial buildings to protect and control the circuits against overload and short-circuits according to IEC 60898.
Selection table of ABB style Miniature Circuit Breakers, C Characteristic.

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